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Log a support ticket
Via your website manager you can:-
  • Log a support ticket for guaranteed same working day response (if requested before 4pm UK time)
  • Reply or view existing tickets
  • Billing history
  • And more!

This is available on all of our website managers, but differs where depending on whether you have a website created since around 2013/2014, or one created earlier. Please find appropriate instructions below for all of our sites:-

Newer websites

  1. Log into your website manager

  2. If using a mobile/tablet, click on the icon in the top right, and click on "Help, Billing & Upgrades". Then you'll find a menu with more options

  3. If using a computer / laptop, scroll down on the menu on the left and click on "Help, Billing & Upgrades"

Older websites

Old website managers - type 1

Old website managers - type 2

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